Icon Request: fa-pause-circle, fa-stop-circle, outlined variants #2975

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Similar to the fa-play-circle icon which already exists, we are in need of a pause icon within a circle. Our application currently uses these two icons to enable/disable an event from triggering.

We have a few other icons in the same area which are all circular, so using the regular play/pause icons you already have does not really work for our use case.

I also think this could be very useful in other music/video applications as well - giving multiple options for play/pause button icons.

We are currently using something like this, but would really like to replace it with a font-awesome equivalent



fabswt commented Apr 25, 2014

I was about to post a request for "fa-pause-circle-o" and "pa-stop-circle-o" but it probably makes more sense to post here than start a new thread. -Let me know if I should start a new one nonetheless.)

As for usage, in my case, the circle "play" icon looks better than the other variants. As such, it makes more sense to have 'pause' and 'stop' icons using the same theme too.

icon request: fa-pause-circle and fa-stop-circle

F481 commented Aug 31, 2014

+1 for pause/stop circle and circle-o

fabswt commented Jan 13, 2015

FYI, this request, including mine and similar ones, might not relevant anymore since you can now stack up icons to achieve the desired effect.

e.g.: http://jsfiddle.net/tsyrak/pce602g6/

It's not always perfect in terms of alignment and look but it's a nice feature to have.

Yes, but as you said, it s not always perfect in terms of alignment and look, so it is not an ideal solution. Still hoping to get this in as a seperate icon eventually.



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davegandy commented Nov 20, 2015

Added to 4.4.1-wip branch. Closing.

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