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Icon request: Spotify #330

Codebryo opened this Issue · 27 comments

I'd love to see the Spotify Icon in the icon set. It can be used for linking to a special playlist I created or something. Does it make sense to you ? Or do you not want to start puting different services as icons into the font.
BTW: I love this project.

@Codebryo Codebryo closed this

Well, havn't seen this. Thx a lot for the hint.


I don't understand. Has the spotify-icon been removed since this issue was opened?


@yngvebn font awesome more is a fork of font awesome providing some extra icons, including spotify.

Reopening for tracking purposes

@tagliala tagliala reopened this

I would love to see the Spotify icon in the FontAwesome, rather than have to include FontAwesome-More just to use it. :D




Another +1 for Spotify icon in FontAwesome core.


+1 please, thank you!




Another +1 for a Spotify Icon please. Thanks


A big +1 to see the spotify icon please... Thank you




+1 from me too


+1 For this, dude!





@davegandy davegandy added this to the 4.1.0 milestone
@davegandy davegandy referenced this issue from a commit
@davegandy davegandy adding spotify #330 fc651c4

Added to 4.1.0-wip branch. Closing.

@davegandy davegandy closed this
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