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None yet

Some icons representing common types of files would be nice, e.g.:

  • pdf
  • xls
  • doc
  • txt
  • image (png, jpg)

davegandy commented Mar 7, 2012

Very interesting. I'll see if I can come up with a decent solution that scales. Might unwieldy to maintain a whole set of icon file extensions. And at 12pt, I'm not sure how readable the specific letters would be. Have any ideas?

I personally wouldn't bother if they won't scale well low pt-sizes. Looking at iconfinder.net there is no file-icon below 16px and the mass is starting at 24px.

I guess the easiest way would be to reuse the file-icon and add each extension to it.

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icon-pdf #39

jwcobb commented Jun 7, 2012

I’d love to see a PDF icon as well. As @knownasilya mentioned in #39 I think the triangle/A would work well if you can make it work.

dmitry commented Jun 19, 2012

Any progress on this? Thanks!

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👍 File icons would be very handy and much appreciated

+1 for this.

+1 for this


I've got some vector file icons i designed for a previous project. I'll work on them this weekend; see if i they can port over to fontawesome.

+1 icon-file-[type] would be awsome

dfmjr commented Feb 25, 2013

+1 I also agree these would be useful

sska commented Feb 25, 2013

+1 file type icons would be an amazing addition.

mwhitis commented Feb 26, 2013

+1 echoing what everyone else said.


wilgert commented Mar 21, 2013



davegandy commented Mar 28, 2013

Sorry, folks. There doesn't appear to be a good solution that's general enough for many file types to be broadly useful enough. If someone can convince me otherwise, I'll re-open.

davegandy closed this Mar 28, 2013

I agree if you spell out the letters it would be hard to read. However, if you see how http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/previews/index_abc.png accomplished this, they used the logo of the company that created the file type. Dropbox and Basecamp also does an excellent job with this. Maybe see these examples as inspiration?

I feel that using similar logos to what dropbox and basecamp use would rock this. These icons are pretty necessary for use in the Enterprise. I love this project and it would be very beneficial to my team if we had these icons.

My $0.02


davegandy commented Mar 30, 2013

I'll poke around Basecamp and Dropbox and see. You might be able to change my mind here.

dfmjr commented Mar 30, 2013

I think these are a pretty nice set. I think even a basic page with the extension may work https://github.com/teambox/Free-file-icons

Would you perhaps be open to the idea of a solid version of "icon-file"...? We'd be able to just change the color on it here and that should suffice for most cases (blue for word, green excel, red pdf, etc)?

Tried with the default icon-file and they outline only just doesn't seem obvious (enough)

That is what I'm doing with http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/#icon/icon-file-alt

Still creates confusion for users. File types is better.

acelaya commented Jul 6, 2013



tagliala commented Jul 23, 2013

@NAlbuquerque please also +1 #1020 and #991

grefel commented Jul 31, 2013

+1 would love to see it...

+1 Really need it, icon for export especially


tagliala commented Aug 2, 2013

please refer to #1020 and #991



+1 font awesome would be more awesome with file type icon set

ftcmnc commented Oct 5, 2013



+1 Demanding on it.


tagliala commented Oct 21, 2013

This one is closed, please use #991

Yes, don't resurrect requests that highlight just how long this one has been requested for and ignored use the newer thread instead so it looks less like we're being ignored #991 ;)


tagliala commented Nov 27, 2013

@hades200082 this was not ignored at all

#34 (comment)

ErrorProne opened this issue 2 years ago

The thread you referenced ( #991 ) was started 8 months ago and rejected by the developer 6 months ago.

Despite still "technically" being open and having a huge amount of people +1ing it the developer has not since responded.

The requested icons are still not part of the download despite many other "brand" icons being added within days/weeks of being requested for much lesser known brands and obscure social networks.

All I can think is that he either has a personal issue with Microsoft and/or Office Applications and has decided that he will not put them in, in which case he should have the courtesy to explain his reasons clearly to the community he's created OR there is some legal issue surrounding their use.

In the former case, excuses such as "there's too many file types" are defunct because there's a core set of around 4-5 icons plus maybe one or two "generic" ones that would satisfy the vast majority of people that have requested or +1'd.

In the latter case IF there was a legal issue using the MS Office icons (or any brand specific ones) then there are some simple, more generic ones that could be used and still have the desired effect.

e.g. http://jsbin.com/EDarOFo/1

So... in support of my initial statement about this request being ignored I submit that, yes it has a lot of people supporting it but the person ultimately responsible for adding icons to this library is ignoring this request. Whatever his reasons may be I honestly don't care. I only follow this request on the off-chance that something actually gets added... I've moved on to other solutions in the mean time.

PDF in particular, the little triangular swirly logo is one I would use with some regularity.

For real responsive icons ( ie. stop the 14px pixel perfect madness ):

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What is Facebook?

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Has anyone else noticed that this issue has been marked as closed?


tagliala commented Apr 25, 2014


tagliala commented Jun 11, 2014

@ragebiswas file types are already there, please update to 4.1.0

Thank you!

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@ragebiswas https://github.com/ragebiswas file types are already there,
please update to 4.1.0

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