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Conflict with Bootstrap sprites? #6

sirvine opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I've just added the fontawesome css file and font assets, but bootstrap is still applying the background image sprites.

Shouldn't fontawesome.css override the background-image and background-postion attributes from the standard bootstrap.css?


I'm also having the same issue when using the CSS. Here is an example:

Most noticeable as a shadow on the add task '+' and the check-box icons.


@dritterman you can override Bootstrap sprite glyphs by adding the following:

[class^="icon-"] {

I think Fontawesome should use a different class name instead of icon- to avois conflict with the sprites until Bootstrap officially integrates font icons.


I think I can accomplish this by overriding a few options that base Bootstrap is setting.

@Anahkiasen I wanted to keep these the same to make it as easy as possible for someone already using the icons that come with BS 2.0


I just created a branch that might work for you, still testing a bit. Also it could be cool if you could switch between the two and not notice, that would probably get it into the twitter dev branch quicker. The first thing I notice in switching between the two is the default size is smaller in font-awesome.


Conflict with sprites.less should now be resolved.

As far as the issue where Font Awesome icons are smaller, I'll have to think about how to address that. There are a few options, but it might be best to address it at the font level itself. I definitely want to fix that.

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