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Spin in Reverse Direction #688

agrobbin opened this Issue · 18 comments

It'd be great if there was a class you could attach to an icon-* to have it spin in the reverse direction. It's easily doable by just adding the 'reverse' keyword to the animation, but it'd be great to have a class like icon-spin-reverse.

.icon-spin-reverse {
  -moz-animation: spin 2s infinite linear reverse;
  -o-animation: spin 2s infinite linear reverse;
  -webkit-animation: spin 2s infinite linear reverse;
  animation: spin 2s infinite linear reverse;

Or a chainable class:

.icon-spin.icon-spin-reverse {
  -moz-animation-direction: reverse;
  -o-animation-direction: reverse;
  -webkit-animation-direction: reverse;
  animation-direction: reverse;

reverse was added to the CSS3 spec relatively recently, and only Firefox 16+ and Chrome 19+ support it. Alternatively, it could be done by just inverting the spin keyframes for a spin-reverse class.




+1, this seems totally obvious, but maybe because I've dropped support for IE9 now than 10+11 are out.



This was referenced
@tagliala tagliala added this to the 5.0.0 milestone





do you know browser support of reverse?

I'm concerned it is not enough and we have to duplicate the whole animation





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