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Icon request: icon-address-book #898

davegandy opened this Issue Mar 28, 2013 · 56 comments
Fort Awesome member

Splitting out from #16 for better tracking.


First of all, Dave... You. Freaking. Rock. Thank you so much for your contribution to the community.

We're looking for an icon to represent generic contact information. That brought me here. #16 included a request for an icon that represents contact information, such as an address book and/or a vCard. You already have icon-phone and icon-envelope, which are great, but we are not distinguishing between various kinds of contact information in our application. So something more generic would be more suitable.

I'm of the opinion that a vCard icon would serve this purpose better than an address book, although an address book may serve other purposes as well.

Here is the icon image we're currently using, which is 16x16:


Thanks again!


+1 for a vCard icon.
+1 for a separate “address book” / “contacts” icon.

Why two different ones? I would use vCard just for .vcf downloads, and address book/contacts to denote the contacts information section on my sites.

My higher priority is for vCard if you can’t get to both (I provide .vcf downloads on some of my sites).


korax commented Sep 11, 2013

Our need for both a vCard and an address book style icon in our app brought me here. Please consider adding these -- currently we still need glyphicons for this, and we're seeking to drop glyphicons with our release. Many thanks.


+1 to this. A vCard/address/contact icon would be really helpful.

The envelope icon works well for email, but if you've got a page for a client and want an option to both send an email, and download a vCard you need a different icon.

Something like a cue card with a user on it and lines. Although I can see that being a bit hard to see if the font is small...maybe something more simplistic is needed, however the only simple vcard icon I can find is this one:

hsnaydd commented Nov 13, 2013

+1 for a vCard icon.


vCard would be siiiiiiiiick

oliworx commented Jan 21, 2014

+1 for a vCard icon.


+1 for a VCard icon, please!


+1 for vCard

simbo commented Mar 14, 2014

+1 for vCard


+1 for vCard & Address Book


Here's something I've designed and included in a current site build for a university. I've also built this in Illustrator if you would like to add it to the repo.


This was referenced Apr 25, 2014

+1 vcards



domcars0 commented Jul 9, 2014

+1 (and also medal/honor icon)



myrmel commented Jul 31, 2014












xen0n commented Sep 4, 2014





+1 Address Book
+1 vCard


+1 for vCard and address book

BTW the icon displayed in #3484 looks awesome! Here it is:


+1 vcard icon


+1 (particularly for a vcard/rolodex style icon)

sorry to pile on, but this seems like a major omission in an otherwise increasingly comprehensive collection. thanks for all of the hard work!

LaMagna commented Dec 14, 2014




tolousn commented Dec 23, 2014



+1 for vcard/rolodex icon


+1, and +1




+1 Address Book (ring-binder icon)


The vCard (.vcf) portion of this request overlaps with Icon Request #825

reyx commented Mar 11, 2015


Nutzzz commented May 2, 2015



+1 Address Book
+1 vCard


+1 Address Book
+1 vCard


+1 Address Book
+1 vCard


+1 Address Book
+1 vCard

beliys commented Nov 16, 2015

+1 Address book


+1 Address Book/Contacts


I agree address book + vcard would be outstanding.

Plus thanks so much for your work on font-awesome!

gwin003 commented Jan 18, 2016

+1 for vCard

Fishuu commented Feb 6, 2016

+1 for vCard, thanks!

aWuttig commented Feb 25, 2016
  • 1 for vCard

+1 for vCard.



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