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Official Javascript Component

vue-fontawesome (with Vue 3)

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Font Awesome Vue 3 component using SVG with JS


Official documentation is hosted at

Helpful Vue links:

To find the Vue setup, go to our Web docs and click the "Set Up with Vue" (left hand side menu).

How to Help

Review the following docs before diving in:

And then:

  • Check the existing issues and see if you can help!


The following contributors have either helped to start this project, have contributed code, are actively maintaining it (including documentation), or in other ways being awesome contributors to this project. We'd like to take a moment to recognize them.

Name GitHub
SirLamer @SirLamer
Liu Xinyu @meteorlxy
Xaver Schulz @schulz3000
Yannick Ihmels @ihmels
btaens @btaens
David Driscoll @david-driscoll
Tyranteon @tyranteon
Romain Failla @rigma
Vinicius Rangel @viniciuslrangel
Okke Tijhuis @otijhuis
Aaron Parker @parkeyparker
Brandon Mork @brandon-mork

If we've missed someone (which is quite likely) submit a Pull Request to us and we'll get it resolved.

The Font Awesome team:

Name GitHub
Travis Chase @supercodepoet
Rob Madole @robmadole
Mike Wilkerson @mlwilkerson
Brian Talbot @talbs
Jason Lundien @jasonlundien

Releasing this project (only project owners can do this)