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Forth is a "hands-on" interactive language.
Consider going through a short ForthTutorials first,
then these books will make more sense.
== Recent Stuff ==
(Even these include some of what I believe to be irrelevant and distracting implementation details, but YMMV. --JoshGrams)
* [ Dead-tree books] from Forth, Inc. _Forth Application Techniques_ is an introductory book, and _Forth Programmer's Handbook_ is more of a reference.
* [ Programming Forth] by Stephen Pelc of MPE Ltd.
* [ Forth Lessons] for OpenFirmware, but much of it is generally relevant. I suppose it's really more of a tutorial, but well written and long enough that it sort of counts as a book.
== Older Stuff ==
* [ "Starting Forth" by Leo Brodie] is an excellent introduction to Forth
* [ Thinking Forth (pdf) by Leo Brodie - local copy, gets updated from time to time]. Written by [ Leo Brodie] in 1984.
* [ Thinking Forth (pdf) by Leo Brodie] - copy on [ source forge], may be more up to date]
* [ Wikibooks: Forth programming language manual]
* [ "Stack Computers: The new wave" by Philip J. Koopman]
** [ read online].
** [ Download it] (as a 12MB PDF)
** [ purchase a copy]
* [ "Embedded - Zeitschrift fuer Forth und Controller"] (German)
* [ Real Time Forth] by Tim Hendtlass, also other texts.
[ Many books on Ting's eForth site.] (English and Chinese.)
Among them:
* [ "eForth and Zen"]
* [ "F-PC Users' Manual"]
* [ "F-PC Technical Reference Manual"]
* [ "Inside F83"] (Perry-Laxen F83)
* [ "Systems Guide to figForth"] (figForth)
== Journals and Newsletters ==
With the exception of the Euroforth conference, I think these are all now defunct. But if nothing else, they make for interesting historical reading.
* [ Euroforth] (yearly conference, many of the articles are available online)
* [ "The Journal of Forth Application and Research"] (JFAR)
* [ Forth Dimensions] -- scanned versions of the FIG newsletter
* [ Vierte Dimensions] -- the newsletter of the German FIG.