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Here you will find interesting, strange, and nice Forth code fragments, aimed to perform all sort of things.

  • ForthArtificialIntelligence
  • ForthDataStructures
  • ForthDevelopment (Assembly, MetaCompiler, etc)
  • ForthFragmentsAndTools
  • ForthGamesAndSolvers
  • ForthLibraryCandidates
  • ForthNetworkCode
  • ForthProjects
  • Forth embedded systems examples 'Egel workbook (ByteForth)
  • OuterInterpreter

Forth applications

  • VIBE, a VI-like Block Editor
  • MiniSpreadsheet
  • Forth2HTML
  • docforth

Other sources

  • FIG UK Forth Code collection
  • Wil Baden's tool belt
  • The Bremen mirror of the Taygeta archive
  • the ForthScientificLibrary
  • FKT FKT-Algorithm implementation using Gforth
  • HMSL Hierarchical Music Specification Language
  • Forth Code Index at figuk
  • Programming examples for kforth
  • AVR ByteForth 'Egel workbook programming examples
  • the Forth Foundation Library
  • GreatComputerLanguageShootout
  • CompLangForth archives
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