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Non-Obvious FORTH Books

Here is a list of books where Forth or Forth-like constructs figure prominently, but where Forth is not in the title.

  • Interpretation and Instruction Path Coprocessing (Debaere & Van Campenhout)
  • The Anatomy of Programming Languages (Fischer)
  • Threaded Interpretive Languages (Loeliger)
  • Intelligent Embedded Systems (Odette)
  • History of Programming Languages (Bergsin & Gibson)
  • Masterminds of Programming (Biancuzzi & Warden)
  • Stack Computers: The New Wave (Koopman)
  • Write your own programming language using C++ (Smith)
  • Designing Embedded Hardware (Catsoulis)
  • Learning by Example using Verilog (Haskell & Hanna)
  • Machine-Indepent Organic Software Tools (Godfrey)
  • Literate Programming (Donald E. Knuth)
  • Software Development and Reality Construction (C. Floyd et al.)