Forth Systems

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Forths in Assembly

:star: Name / Link Lang CPU Description
:sparkles: AmForth Assembly AVR, MSP430 (13 repositories)
126 pijFORTHos Assembly ARM Bare-metal FORTH operating system for Raspberry Pi
53 Swapforth Assembly J1, FT900, x64 Cross-platform 32-bit ANS Forth
44 jonesforth Assembly x86 ANS FORTH version of jonesforth
32 STM8EF Assembly STM8S eForth with extensions for $0.20 µCs
30 DCPU Assembly DCPU-16 Forth for Notch's DCPU-16
29 CoreForth Assembly ARM Forth for the Cortex-M3
23 JonesForth-arm Assembly ARM ARM port of JonesForth
22 DurexForth Assembly 6502 Modern C64 Forth
13 asforth Assembly AVR Subroutine threaded Forth for Atmega328
9 PETTIL Assembly 6502 Forth for the Commodore PET 2001
8 FlashForth Assembly PIC, AVR Forth system for the Microchip PIC 18, 24, 30, 33 and the Atmel Atmega
8 FastForth Assembly MSP430 Forth for all MSP430 FRAM devices, with SD card FAT16/32 and much more
7 feline Assembly x64 64-bit native code Forth 200x
6 OSX-Forth Assembly x86 Forth for OSX
3 j1eforth Assembly J1 eForth for the j1
3 megaforth Assembly 68000 Forth designed for the Sega Megadrive
2 MecrispStellaris Assembly ARM Cortex Mecrisp Stellaris Forth for ARM Cortex Architectures
1 CF430R Assembly MSP430 CamelForth for MSP430
1 Mecrisp Assembly MSP430 Mecrisp Forth for MSP430
1 hForth Assembly 8086, Z80, ARM hForth for i8086, Z80 and ARM
0 Mecrisp-Quintus Assembly RISC-V, MIPS Mecrisp Quintus Forth for RISC-V RV32IM and PIC32MX (MIPS M4K)

Forths in Forth

:star: Name / Link Lang CPU Description
49 lbForth Forth x86 Self-hosting metacompiled Forth, bootstrapping from a few lines of C
8 PicForth Forth PIC16 Forth cross-compiler for PIC16Fxxx
8 myforth-arduino Forth AVR Simple, non-standard, tethered Forth for the Arduino
7 m3forth Forth ARM Cross-compiler for Cortex-M3
6 cmFORTH Forth NC4016
5 FIG-Forth Forth 6502
2 sbc09 Forth Forth 6809
2 CamelForth Forth 6809

Forths in JavaScript and other scripted languages

:star: Name / Link Lang CPU Description
61 Easy Forth JavaScript Small ebook for learning Forth
4 project-k JavaScript Forth kernel in JavaScript
3 Sonnet Lua forth-like language interpreter, written in lua
3 forthlike Python A very simple Forth-like language implemented in Python
2 jeforth.3we JavaScript jeforth 3 words engine
30 TclForth Tcl/Tk Multi-OS Forth using Tcl as its native language
15 jsforth Javascript A simple Forth-like language with a web-based REPL

Forths in Other Languages

:star: Name / Link Lang CPU Description
165 pForth C Portable Forth
49 Gforth C Gforth mirror
30 reforth C Rethinking Forth
25 rtForth Rust Forth implemented in Rust for realtime application
23 staapl Racket PIC18 Racket-based Forth / Macro Assembler on steroids for PIC18F
7 uForth C Very portable (embeddable) switch threaded Forth
4 Creole Forth Pascal Scripting language in the form of a Delphi/Lazarus component
1 dclang C Forth-inspired RPN language
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