A framework for creating a strongly typed model based on Sitecore templates and the Sitecore API
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##A strongly typed, interface based, model ofthe Sitecore API.

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Fortis is a library that forms the basis of a strongly typed model of the Sitecore API. This enables us to develop reliable, maintainable sites more efficiently than with traditional, losely typed Sitecore development.

Key Benefits:

  • Encapsulating the Sitecore API and seperates out business logic, allowing for easier unit testing.
  • Elimiates "magic strings"
  • Build errors instead of run time errors
  • Easily add custom functionality around the Sitecore Item class
  • Simplfy regularly used Sitecore API calls
  • It encapsulates the Sitecore API - so all the code is running standard Sitecore API calls, this means that all page editor functionality will still work.

For more information, installation steps and guides visit the website at http://fortis.ws