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Fortran F/OSS Programmers Group

A space to collaborate on new open source Fortran and Fortran related projects


  1. ford Public

    Automatically generates FORtran Documentation from comments within the code.

    Python 333 115

  2. FOODIE Public

    Fortran Object-Oriented Differential-equations Integration Environment, FOODIE

    Fortran 114 29

  3. FIAT Public

    Fortran Implementation of Abstract Types

    Fortran 35 10

  4. WenOOF Public

    WENO interpolation Object Oriented Fortran library

    Fortran 34 15

  5. FLATPack Public

    Fortran Library, Application, and Toolkit Packages

    Python 14 2

  6. the opinionated *best practices* of Fortran FOSS Programmers group

    59 10


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