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This is the template that should be used for client modules.
A brief description of the client module can/should be placed
up here. All necessary imports should be placed between the
comments and class declaration.
Finally, be sure to rename your client module to a .py file
class Client:
# Within __init__, you have access to everything passed in
# via the command line. self.protocol is the variable listed
# when running --list-clients and is what is used in conjunction
# with --client <client>. self.protocol is the only required attribute
# of the object.
def __init__(self, cli_object):
self.protocol = ""
# transmit is the only required function within the object. It is what
# called by the framework to transmit data. However, you can create as
# many "sub functions" for transmit to invoke as needed. "data_to_transmit"
# is a variable passed in by the framework which contains the data that
# is to be sent out by the client.
def transmit(self, data_to_transmit):