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A brief description of the server module can be placed up here
All import should go between the comments and class declaration
If you have a question, feel free to check out the other server
modules ot just hit me up.
Finally, be sure to rename this to a .py file
class Server:
def __init__(self, cli_object):
# self.protocol is the protocol that is viewable when using --list-servers
# This is what the user would use along with --server. It is the only
# required attribute of the object.
# You have complete access to command line arguments
# within __init__
# Anything that needs to be set for the server to run should have
# a self attribute created within __init__
self.protocol = ""
# This is the main function that is called by the framework
# You can build out as many different functions, but they all
# need to be called from "serve". If there is a specific function
# or class that must be seperated out from this file (ideally keep
# everything in here if possible), then add them to the serverlibs
# directory
def serve(self):