An unauthorized port of Neave.TV from Flash to HTML5, with new video clips
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# ChannelSurf An unauthorized port of Neave.TV from Flash to HTML5, with additional video content.

Go play with it! -> (Click anywhere to 'change channels'.)

I stumbled on Neave.TV last night and watched it until the clips rolled over to the start again. I noticed it was written in Flash, and since that tech is on it's way out, I wondered how easy it would be to implement what I was seeing, in HTML5.

Once I found the playlist XML file, I pulled down a couple FLV video clips, converted them to MP4, and got to work. After an evening of screwing around getting it working, I started yanking down even more clips in WebM format off of YouTube. :)

Tested in the latest Chrome and Firefox. Still has some bugs, some related to mobile rendering.

Tools Used


I own none of the video content. Half the clips are the original ones from Neave.TV, the others are selectively yanked off of YouTube.