Browser extension that highlights parody, fake, and questionable news content on Facebook (formerly 'Gag Reflex')
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News Guardian

Current Builds


This is a new fork of Gag Reflex. I gave up on updating Gag Reflex, but considering the state of the world right now, a tool like this is needed more than ever. However, I no longer have the time to invest in fixing bugs and providing support, so I have stripped it down to just the bare functionality.

Here's the current list of sites covered.

If you do not agree my domain selections, feel free to fork your own. Just give it a new name. However, I would strongly encourage you to add suggestions for new entries and revisions via GitHub issue tickets first, before going that route.

Differences between Gag Reflex and News Guardian:

  • All customization options have been removed.
  • Temporarily removed Reddit support.
  • Temporarily removed per-website warnings.
  • No longer differentiates between satire/questionable content. Satire, biased, and fraudulent news sites are all treated the same, simply highlighted as a reminder to check the source.
  • Gag Reflex was removed from the Chrome app store months ago.
  • Gag Reflex is now known as 'News Guardian'.
  • Chrome is still the primary target, but ports to Firefox, Edge, and possibly Safari will be examined.