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Export Import users

This Extension is able to export or import users. Found user_id's will be updated with the data in the xml file.

Not found user_id's are inserted and become a registered user in your forum. The xml user file is automatically deleted after insert or save. Fields that are saved are username, user_password, user_email, user_from, user_website and user_occ. Be carefull with this extension as it will overwrite your account if it's in the xml file.

Build Status


  • phpBB 3.1-dev or higher
  • PHP 5.3 or higher


You can install this on the latest copy of the develop branch (phpBB 3.1-dev) by doing the following:

  1. Copy the entire contents of this repo to to FORUM_DIRECTORY/ext/forumhulp/exportimportusers/
  2. Navigate in the ACP to Customise -> Extension Management -> Extensions.
  3. Click Export Import users => Enable.

Note: This extension is in development. Installation is only recommended for testing purposes and is not supported on live boards. This extension will be officially released following phpBB 3.1.0.


Navigate in the ACP to Customise -> Extension Management -> Extensions and click Export Import users => Disable.

To permanently uninstall, click Delete Data and then you can safely delete the /ext/forumhulp/exportimportusers/ folder.


GNU General Public License v2

© 2014 - John Peskens (ForumHulp.com)