Exception tracking and logging from Elixir to Rollbar
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Elixir client for Rollbar.


Add Rollbax as a dependency to your mix.exs file:

defp deps() do
  [{:rollbax, ">= 0.0.0"}]

Then run mix deps.get in your shell to fetch the dependencies. Add :rollbax to your list of :applications if you're not using :extra_applications.


Rollbax requires some configuration in order to work. For example, in config/config.exs:

config :rollbax,
  access_token: "ffb8056a621f309eeb1ed87fa0c7",
  environment: "production"

Then, exceptions (errors, exits, and throws) can be reported to Rollbar using Rollbax.report/3:

try do
  exception ->
    Rollbax.report(:error, exception, System.stacktrace())

For detailed information on configuration and usage, take a look at the online documentation.

Crash reports

Rollbax provides a way to automatically report crashes from OTP processes (GenServers, Tasks, and so on). It can be enabled with:

config :rollbax, enable_crash_reports: true

For more information, check out the documentation for Rollbax.Logger. If you had previously configured Rollbax.Logger to be a Logger backend (for example config :logger, backends: [Rollbax.Logger]), you will need to remove since Rollbax.Logger is not a Logger backend anymore and you will get crashes if you use it as such.

Plug and Phoenix

For examples on how to take advantage of Rollbax in Plug-based applications (including Phoenix applications), have a look at the "Using Rollbax in Plug-based applications" page in the documentation.

Non-production reporting

For non-production environments error reporting can be either disabled completely (by setting :enabled to false) or replaced with logging of exceptions (by setting :enabled to :log).

config :rollbax, enabled: :log

Using a proxy to reach the Rollbar server

For environments which require a proxy to connect to hosts outside of the network, the :proxy config entry can be added with a proxy URL as it's defined in the hackney documentation.

config :rollbax, proxy: "https://my-secure-proxy:5001"


To run tests, run $ mix test --no-start. The --no-start bit is important so that tests don't fail (because of the :rollbax application being started without an :access_token specifically).

When making changes to the code, adhere to this Elixir style guide.

Finally, thanks for contributing! :)


This software is licensed under the ISC license.