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A git repository Analyzer
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A gem that provides a report detailing Git information about your git repository. Based off an idea put forth by Mike Schwab


Installing the gem: [sudo] gem sources -a [sudo] gem install fotoverite-babygitter


Generate your report from the command line

Usage: babygitter babygitter-report <Repo_Directory> [options] [-w] [<folder levels>] [<blacklisted or whitelisted folders>]

the report will be generated a babygitter_report folder inside the log directory of your project folder. If a log folder does not exists it will be created for you.


You can customize the look of the report by adding a custom css file, images, and even generate the report with a separate template file. I'm working on a way to hook in additional graph methods to analyze the data further.

Specific options:

-l, --levels [n1,n2,n3]          Folder levels to map to graph
-m, --mark [f1,f2,f3]            Mark folders to be white or black listed depending on option
    --master_branch              Set the master branch name if it is not called master
-s, --stylesheet [Path]          sets the path to a non default stylesheet to be used in the report generator
-t, --template [Path]            sets the path to a non default template to be used inthe report generator
-b, --[no-]bare                  Mark repo as bare
-w, --[no-]whitelist             Run babygitter with whitelist enabled
-g, --[yes-]graphs               Do not output report with graphs
-v, --[no-]verbose               Run verbosely

Common options:

-h, --help                       Show this message
    --version                    Show version number

Copyright © 2009 Matthew Bergman. See LICENSE for details.

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