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💻Open positions on Foton Tech Company
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Join Foton

💻 Open positions on Foton Tech Company.

About us

Foton is an ALL REMOTE tech company focused on mobile projects built with React Native, Apollo, Node, Mongo and GraphQL (JS IT ALL).

We work on challenging projects from Silicon Valley and we are also building Apps in da House.

We are looking for passionate developers who want to build the future with us. We offer company shares, a competitive salary and an attractive culture.

Our Culture

I founded Foton because, after much professional experience on multinational companies such as General Electric and Siemens, I wanted to work in a place where developers would feel at home. Therefore I take our culture very seriously and care a lot about developer satisfaction and happiness.

Besides equity and a good salary, I want Foton to be a great place to work with open source and side projects. I also incentivize everybody to give talks on conferences and meetups because that's an important part of becoming a better professional."

Jabur - CEO

Fullstack Position (Remote or... Remote :) )

Every Foton developer is a Fullstack Developer. So you should be comfortable on both sides, and if you're not, we will train you.

We currently have 2 challenges.

Our GraphQL Challenge

You can start the Challenge right now! Just clone the repo and build a ReactNative Auth/Create/List/Detail project.

1. Auth

On the Auth screen the user should be able to Login/Register.

2. Create

On the Create screen the user should be able to create a product to be listed on the List screen.

3. List

On the List screen the user should be able to see every created product with a search bar and a scroll to load more items.

4. Detail

On pressing any List item, the user should be navigated to a Detail screen where he can see more information about the selected product.


Our Redux Challenge

You can start the Redux Saga Challenge right now! Just clone the repo and build a Home/List/Detail app with Redux Saga and ReactNative.


Use the Google Books API, for example:

const query = 'harry pot'${query}
  1. Must use redux saga for async operations.

If you need help don't hesitate to ask us.


The design is available here for the List and Detail views. For the Home screen there is no design, please make the screen based on your judgement and the other designs.

  1. Build the user interface to be as close as possible to the design.


The Home is a welcome screen.

  1. Make the user feel at home.
  2. Build the screen with no design to look at.
  3. The home should "match" the other screens and look very similar.

On this screen it's required that the user is able to:

  1. Press a button and navigate to the List screen.


On this screen it's required that the user is able to:

  1. See a list of items.
  2. Pull to refresh the list (refetch).
  3. Scroll down and load more books (pagination).
  4. Search the books in the list (filter).
  5. Press one of the items and navigate the user to the Detail screen.


On this screen it's required that the user is able to:

  1. See more information about the pressed book.
  2. Like, Rate and Buy the book.

For 2. no need for API calls, just make the buttons clickable.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to be a finisher. Byee o/

Designs copied here in case the link goes down. List (Books) in on the left, Detail (Single Book) on the right. Design by travishowell.

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