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Releases: Foundation-Devices/passport-firmware

Passport v1.1.0 Firmware

03 Aug 00:11
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For details on how to download, verify and install this firmware, see our Firmware Update support page.


  • Add support for pairing with the Envoy mobile app
  • Rename "Pair Wallet" and related terms to "Connect Wallet" to be in sync with the new batch 2 firmware
  • Bug Fix: Verify Address now works for uppercase bech32 addresses such as used by Bitcoin Core

SHA256: 955a4b62c88ebe7e1e3c0dab8f7ba1eea341b8e2bba448396d7b9beda558cc49
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.1.0.bin)

MD5: 8aaccfaf2c3ed6bc803f97850e72bd62
(md5 passport-fw-1.1.0.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.1.0.bin)

Build Hash: e32dcb154e9be8156d3106443f23453691e22b1e575633cc44d10b83082c4f24
(Developers Only)

Passport v1.0.9 Firmware

26 Apr 18:02
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For details on how to download, verify and install this firmware, see our Firmware Update support page.


  • Add official support for Casa (both QR and microSD):
  • Update Trezor libraries to the version tagged python/v0.13.0
  • Once the number of remaining PIN attempts reaches 5 or less, show a warning that Passport will be permanently disabled once all attempts are exhausted
  • Fix address verification bug in pair wallet flow
  • Fix legacy address verification bug
  • Fix text wrapping when verifying legacy addresses
  • Improve secure element driver timing

SHA256: de43d098d323aa5754979357b1150526e2af17177f4cbed557fff10a5590f767
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.9.bin)

MD5: 4e0641fb53da3dda8b863ece8ae41175
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.9.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.9.bin)

Build Hash: 3979bd53a2651bf4863f085f6ff60b137603c17deb68b12fd531810181f8841a
(Developers Only)

Passport v1.0.8 Firmware

31 Dec 18:26
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For details on how to download, verify and install this firmware, see our Firmware Update support page.


  • Add ability to automatically delete unsigned PSBT files after signing
  • Add support for Simple Bitcoin Wallet
  • Fix change Verify Address feature for multisig Bitcoin wallets
  • Fix invalid Bitcoin address error with Bitcoin Core wallet
  • Fix an error when backing up multisig configurations with different derivation paths
  • Fix a rare error when signing a PSBT using QR codes

SHA256: 6c6d1531685ac91eeea202d1fb818c4930a208a7590ab36e118bf5eb91e29e83
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.8.bin)

MD5: 357cd0b9baec00de2aca0ef46ecea46f
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.8.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.8.bin)

Build Hash: ad6b4f5f4ae0b7e05ec35415713ea1ff7dde3edf10870876b1c8bd07391419d1
(Developers Only)

Passport v1.0.7 Firmware

20 Sep 20:44
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  • Limit text input to 64 characters
  • Add Specter wallet support
  • Show exported filename when exporting wallet to microSD
  • Add Passphrase menu to allow passphrase switching without rebooting
  • Use XFP in backups filename to differentiate between different wallet backups
  • Add Testnet support
  • Add warning when using Testnet to alert user of potential malicious software wallets
  • Fix sticky up/down key bug
  • Add menu for changing units between BTC and sats

SHA256: 265716676ca91bd724ad48b28a6877841b216003b7b03bbfd6e5eee85a5c057a
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.7.bin)

MD5: 8156136f69655373bcb524d5c8c9b1b5
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.7.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.7.bin)

Build Hash: f141ba05841e206291f63c9229c9b5ed2c45a3e0c9eb4f75ff82d8785feaa595
(Developers Only)

Passport v1.0.6 Firmware

06 Aug 23:28
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  • Verify Address now shows the actual address and waits for confirmation
  • Verify Address now works for change addresses in addition to receive addresses
  • Verify Address now shows the ranges searched
  • Inserting microSD card backwards no longer requires reboot to recover
  • Show backup filename to user after successful backup
  • Auto-truncate multisig config names to 20 characters when importing
  • Fix makefile issue which resulted in non-deterministic builds
  • Add menu items to clear and view the Developer PubKey

SHA256: 606ca7ce1ba136988a36b445b2dae97508fbed062a8fdfa02f13ada69b6e92cd
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.6.bin)

MD5: d1eefa009dda6ed12bbc27bcf7c1112c
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.6.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.6.bin)

Build Hash: ab485dcf3a5f803b5649b84d864a2945c5b0191c67de32a7bbe6b85301b2cfab
(Developers Only)

Passport v1.0.5 Firmware

17 Jul 01:04
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  • Fix UR2.0 support for use with ver. 6.1.9 and later of BlueWallet
    • NOTE: If you previously enabled the "Legacy URv1 QR" flag in BlueWallet's General settings, you can disable it after updating your Passport to v1.0.5
  • Increase maximum PSBT size limit to 917K

SHA256: c9f03cfc788f042582bc2ed81d8d764c79c13854489f172bc4a4dd7739cf056a
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.5.bin)

MD5: 496b336d5dd6e7c9eba2f153c9c356f9
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.5.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.5.bin)

Passport v1.0.4 Firmware

25 Jun 05:19
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  • Fix bug with seed restore
  • Fix a crash when going BACK from renaming an Account entry without changing it
  • Fix an error that appeared when trying to scan a multisig entry from the Sign with QR Code menu
  • Fix bug with renaming an account
  • Fix bug when creating an account with the same name as another account

SHA256: 7571b1a76388e418a22d369f8496ea01c5c511f6455bae59e43132260b3d3d02
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.4.bin)

MD5: 5d60135dd94cc1a666246bd445609e2b
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.4.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.4.bin)

Passport v1.0.3 Firmware

23 Jun 17:47
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  • Fix bug with incorrect text case comparison when verifying an address
  • Fix crash that could occur in rare cases when verifying an address
  • Fix crash bug when importing multisig configuration
  • Add serial number display back into the About page
  • Fix problem where Sparrow could not decode Passport's UR 2.0 data for transactions
  • Fix incorrect package name error when importing a multisig config from a PSBT
  • Slightly slow down QR code animation rate when showing lower density QR codes
  • Temporarily remove Electrum multisig pairing
  • Temporarily remove Specter pairing (waiting for official support in Specter)
  • Remove some unused code

SHA256: 1c41983e0e4b1fe3161a777be0bcfe3a01b7c81bb052214bd5bd2039ec4b5d1b
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.3.bin)

MD5: c2617c30cff3a85c62a7be1077b1c3e0
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.3.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.3.bin)

(NOTE: Removed release file due to a bug that will be fixed in an imminent release)

Passport v1.0.2 Firmware

27 May 05:20
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  • Fix a crash when attempting to verify a backup on a microSD card with no 'backups' folder
  • Remove serial # display (we don't record this, so it has no use)
  • Add ability to enable/disable screenshot mode in the Extras menu
  • Add a microSD test to the factory test flow
  • Update factory provisioning script to better manage OCD connection

SHA256: dc7f3a216454b1a6d59fdc0b6949658c30e89dbbcd554ce4dc58b4412001c6c3
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.2bin)

MD5: 60e54afaba0b585dbe54b998222b1ff8
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.2.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.2.bin)

Passport v1.0.1 Firmware

20 May 18:03
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  • Temporarily remove some third-party software wallets (full support coming back later)
  • Add Screen Brightness setting back in

SHA256: f3244bc5bc6fcfca7411368358a5a8f82838e17b8d22ce22ee7268ecd1a62232
(shasum -b -a 256 passport-fw-1.0.1.bin)

MD5: a0a3d3b96e36a804ba45f70bb11a7f77
(md5 passport-fw-1.0.1.bin or mdsum passport-fw-1.0.1.bin)