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Configure Universal IR Remote using smart phones
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It is a Universal Remote, It is also a IR blaster.

Supproted hardware

  1. Ti reference remote CC2650RC. Use Ti Flash Programmer to program cc2650zrc.hex, the hex file can be found in firmware folder.
  2. Ti CC2640R2 LaunchPad. Use Ti Flash Programmer to program launchzrc.hex, the hex file can be found in firmware folder. see DIY BLE to IR Bridge
  3. Coming soon KickStarter project.


The aim of this project is to create a easy to use Universal Remote.


Remote control hardware support both IR and BLE, remote control can send IR on key press or BLE command. smart phone app contains thousands of remote conrol IR functions categories by device and brand. App can send IR by send BLE command to remote, App can assign IR function to a remote control button.


Traditional universal remote is hard to use, mainly due to limited user interface, the user have to use magic key sequences to setup, the only feedback is LED blinking. with smart phone app as a front end, it is much easier to locate IR function you wanted, hence a much easier setup experience.
The capability of BLE IR blaster makes it possible to control your device just from your phone, which is a different experience and a lot of people like it.


Download FzRemote from App Store.

Known problems

CC2650RC IR signal is quite weak, the IR angle is also quite small, it is not a good remote in IR point of view.

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