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Why is Foundups Important?

Foundups are ideas for saving our planet, launched locally, funded globally: Permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, renewable energy solutions, organic pools are all examples of foundup potential projects. But what foundups does is unites them all under one umbrella and foundups more importantly introducing a new way to fund and launch them using a distributed, bottom-up, solutions via a framework what Trout originally called in 2010 "Open !nnovation Framework". What we do locally effects what happens globally. If enough of us do foundups locally we can change everything. The problem is how do we fund these beneficial projects that offers little to no return to investors -- foundups offers the answer. Just as a enough termites working together can build a massive termite mound. Enough of us working together launching foundups, will and can make a difference collectively on our planet. Our planet is in crisis and we are the only ones that can save it. But here is the crux of the problem. We cannot save it as long as we have the current "endemically flawed" (means it cannot be fixed) insane startup business model. We must introduce a new one -- the "selfless" foundup business model, for the people by the people.

How will Foundups change things?

By disrupting and transforming our current "insane" startup ecosystem that thinks of our finite planet as an infinite one, that can take any amount of abuse, a model that seeks to benefits a few stakeholders, to one that benefits the many, we can change everything. The currently selfish startup business model works like this... ideas (99.99%) only can get funded if they can provide a significant return to investors, have access to closed capital networks, and that can show to have exponential growth (on a finite planet) -- in business terms this is referred to as a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). CAGR drives our one global economy experiment and one could easily argue it is the underlying cause that is threatening everything. Foundups uses CAGR as a way to remove the need for accredited investors by re-investing 80% of the net-profits back into launching more foundups. We expect 99% of foundups to simply exist as project for improving our planet launched locally and funded globally. Unlike startups where over 99% of startups fail. Over 99% of foundups will succeed. Success in foundups is built on measurable beneficial outcomes on the planet not on returns.

What are Foundups?

Foundups are beneficial projects launched locally and funded globally via PLAY FOUNDUPS app. Currently we are testing foundups on never ending crowdfunding platfrom. To be a foundup it must benefit our planet, it's stakeholders and agree that 80% of any net-profits will be used to 1. scale up your foundup 2. support other foundups or 3. launch more foundups. Foundups projects level-up and as they mature have the potential of becoming qualified subsidiaries of FOUNDUPS CORP., or its partners. FOUNDUPS CORP, established in 2010 is the worlds 1st P2P Open Corporation (or what Ethereum re-named 2014 as Distributed Autonomous Organization) or rolling out to becoming their our P2P Open Corporation. 80% of the net-profits and use them to launch more foundups via [PLAY FOUNDUPS app]. Every project added to FOUNDUPS CORP increased the valuation for the corporation. 99% of projects will choose to remain part of foundups and will cash in their F$ for equity in FOUNDUPS CORP.

Foundups sounds like they are non profits. Why aren't they?

Foundups can be launched as npo and ngos. But for foundups to work we need them be launched initially as for profit business model, because we use 80% of net profits AND 80% of any capital gains for launching, scaling or supporting more foundups via PLAY FOUNDUPS app. Remember, our goal is to replace the selfish startup as the leading way bottom-up !nnovation and !deas are launched. Remember we are introducing a new "selfless" business model that re-invests 80% of any net profits launching more foundups. That re-invests 80% of any net-profits launching more foundups... and so on and so on... 99% of foundups will NOT be incorporated vehicles. They my be some picking up trash on the beach or transforming a wood behind their house into a permaculture food forest. Currently their is no funding vehicle except crowdfunding to fund such activities. Foundups allocates corporate net profits to funding these activities. Net-profits from foundups are not allocated to a Board to allocate out, but instead they flow back into PLAY FOUNDUPS app to all those that are stakeholders of the foundups.

Where can I learn more about foundups?


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