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Welcome to the Custom Solutions Library!

Thank you for joining Four51’s Custom Solutions Library! Four51 has done the work for you by coding, testing, and executing a number of solutions that can benefit your stores. With your membership, the power to customize and enhance your site is in your hands!

Membership Benefits

  • A comprehensive introduction to Library navigation
  • Access to code for a number of supplemental Storefront solutions and features that can be applied to any site
  • Tried and tested step-by-step instructions for all solutions and features
  • First notice of new solutions added to the Library
  • Code updates if improvements are made to solutions

Getting Started

Start by browsing the various Four51 Storefront Solutions on the Volition demo site, found here. Once you have viewed examples and identified a solution to implement, hit the Code It button and continue to GitHub. You now have access to our Custom Solutions GitHub repository which hosts the code and instructions for you to get started.


  • Nearly all solutions include a file and a module file. The README provides step-by-step instructions for implementation. The module file will often be a .js file and will contain the code for the solution. When the README references the “module”, it is referring to the code.
  • You can access the raw code by opening the module and hitting the “Raw” button in the upper right corner.
  • Capitalization counts. Be aware that you are referencing files throughout the code, and some words/titles/files need to be named or referenced exactly. Double check your spelling and capitalization if the solution doesn't seem to be working.

Enjoy the freedom to customize with your Custom Solutions Library Membership! If you have any questions along the way, please open a case and an account representative will be in contact with you.