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This wiki is designed to be a resource for users of Four51 Storefront. Four51 Storefront is a hybrid SAAS\PAAS application used to build B2B and B2C ecommerce sites that encompasses a SAAS administrative, buyer and supplier interface and a public repository for creating responsive, single page application buyer interfaces that consume the Four51 Storefront API.

Please note that the SAAS applications are often referred to as 1.0 and the responsive single page application is referred to as 2.0. Information regarding the complete customization of Four51 Storefront can be found in the Project links below. In each section of this wiki, detailed documentation is provided to help guide you through the usage. Examples are provided, and in many cases actual source code is available.

Four51 Storefront for 2.0 sites is a public repository AngularJS project that allows for complete customization of a Four51 buyer experience.

Four51 Storefront API for 2.0 sites contains the documentation for usage of the API to build custom buyer interfaces.

Custom Solutions for 2.0 sites is an open source project containing a step by step guide for implementing additional features to your buyer sites.

Spec Form Directives for 2.0 sites is a repository of useful AngularJS directives for usage on Spec Forms and Product Detail Templates.

The Spec Form API for 1.0 sites is the JavaScript library of Methods, Widgets and Validators loaded into your 1.0 site spec form.

Four51 Objects for 1.0 sites exposes some JSON objects throughout the application to create custom business logic or user experiences.

Four51 Document Actions are a compiled library of functions for use in your Pageflex projects. The documentations contains the parameter type and a brief overview of the purpose. Keep in mind that it is possible to combine the document actions to perform even more intricate tasks.

The resource downloads are provided for quick access to download the resources. Use the compiled library in your Pageflex projects, or use the source library as a guide to creating your own document actions. The sample project is a great resource for seeing how to use the document actions in your project. It's nearly 100% coverage of all document actions available in the library.


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