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Four51DocumentActions is a zip file containing the dynamic link library (dll) that must be referenced in your Pageflex Persona project Document Actions folder.

This file is the validly signed library that is authorized to upload through the Four51 Project Upload utility.

This file is updated when new revisions are created.


12/18/08 - New Actions Added: CharacterCount, Equal, FormatString, GreaterThan, LastPositionIndex, LessThan, PadEnd, PadStart, SubString, Trim, TrimEnd, TrimStart

01/16/09 - New Actions Added: ScaleImageToFit

07/09/09 - New Actions Added: ID Automation Font Barcode

Bug fixes

9/25/08 - FormatSpecValueForToolbar - When no value was assigned to the variable a null reference was returned and an error thrown in the rendering. Fixed to accommodate empty values.

10/01/08 - FormatSpecValueForToolbar - Compensated for an HTML encoding issue with & characters in the Four51 system.

10/15/08 - FormatSpecValueForToolbar - Compensated for a character replacement in the Four51 system that resulted in an additional line break tag when not expected.

11/11/08 - FormatSpecValueForToolbar - Compensated for paragraph tag wrapping the editor adds when used in IE. The end result is a closer representation of the text on screen. IE still wraps the paragraph tag which creates a double space. If a single space is desired the user must use "Shift + Enter" to create.

07/09/09 - Any numbers not present will now be evaluated as 0 in all mathematical functions.

11/12/09 - EAN13 Barcode was not calculating the check digit accurately.

11/17/09 - EAN13 was not calculating barcode forumla accurately.

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