Four51 Objects

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Four51 exposes some JSON objects throughout the application for leverage by script. With this functionality and some creativity, you can create custom business logic or enhance the presentation of the buyer experience to suit your customers’ needs.

Getting Started

  • All objects are extended off the $451 object on every page. Commonly this is referred to as a "namespace" to project against conflicts in other script libraries such as jQuery. The $451 object resides in a protected script file, but is always accessible in all scripts loaded on the page. Many objects are extended on this object and have been documented throughout this wiki.
  • Inserting scripts into your site should always be done through the theme files.

Best Practices

Script Management

- It is recommended that all scripts you create be stored in a separate file within your theme folder.
- Reference any scripts by adding the <script></script> tag at the bottom of the template.htm file.
- Consider wrapping all your scripts in the jquery document ready shortcut function: $(function() { ... });
- Avoid unhandled script exceptions. Unhandled errors in the browser can often stop all scripts from continuing, resulting catastrophic site failures.

Four51 Objects

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