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Constructs a Pageflex.Scripting.Color object and exposes the value for assignment to a defined color in the template file.


return new CmykColor("CustomColor_CMYK", "100-80-60-0").ToString();

Source Code

internal class CmykColor
	private string _name;
	private string _cmyk;
	public double[] Cmyk
			string[] input = _cmyk.ToString().Split(new string[] { "-" }, StringSplitOptions.None);
			double[] values = { Convert.ToDouble(input[0]), Convert.ToDouble(input[1]), Convert.ToDouble(input[2]), Convert.ToDouble(input[3]) };
			return values;

	public CmykColor(string Name, string Values)
		_name = Name;
		_cmyk = Values;

		//get defined color and apply cmyk values
		Color color = Application.CurrentDocument.GetColor(_name);
		color.CmykValues = this.Cmyk;

	public override string ToString()
		return _name;

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