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Calculates the check digit for a supplied and valid Zip Code, Zip+4 or Zip+4 DPBC and formats the value for barcode font usage.


SpecName (constant) The variable containing the input to be converted. Proper EAN13 font must be applied in the template.

AlternateStartStopChar (multiple | optional) Optional value for stop and start character required by the barcode font. The default is ! and required by the Four51 recommended PostNet font.

ErrorMessage (multiple | optional) The error message to return when any error occurs.


This method follows the specifications set forth by the United States Postal Service. Within the method a test of the check digit calculation is performed. If the test fails an error will be returned to avoid any inaccurate barcodes from being rendered to the page. The "-" character is also replaced automatically. For example: "55555-1237" will be returned as "!5555512372!".

Source Code

public static void PostNet(string SpecName,object AlternateStartStopChar, object ErrorMessage)
		int total = 0;
		int remainder = 0;
		int checkdigit = 0;

		string postcode = Variable(SpecName).Value.Replace("-", "");

		IEnumerator chars = postcode.GetEnumerator();
		while (chars.MoveNext())
			total += Convert.ToInt32(chars.Current.ToString());

		remainder = total % 10;

		checkdigit = 10 - remainder;

		if ((total + checkdigit) % 10 != 0)
			throw new Exception("The calculation failed proofing");

		Variable(SpecName).Value = String.Format("{2}{0}{1}{2}",
			AlternateStartStopChar.ToString().Length > 0 ? AlternateStartStopChar.ToString() : "!");
	catch (Exception ex)
		throw new Four51ActionsException(ex.Message, (string)ErrorMessage);

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