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This widget creates a three drop down inputs, one each for hour, minutes and ante meridium. As each value is set the spec value is updated using the normal format for time (Ex: 2:15 pm).

HTML Example

<span class="Time">[[TextSpec]]</span>

Advanced Scripting

	increment: 15


  • increment: Determines the incremental value for the minutes displayed as choices. The default value is 1. Ex: 15 = 00|15|30|45.
  • debug: True or false. When true the control holding the value is displayed.


onChange(): Triggered when the selection changes.


  • value(): Gets the currently selected value.
  • hour(): Gets the currently selected hour value.
  • minute(): Gets the currently selected minute value.
  • meridiem(): Gets the currently selected meridiem value.

Events, Properties and Methods Examples

spec['Time'].time.onChange = function() {

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