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A Sublime Text 3 plugin for the lua-complete engine
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LuaComplete for Sublime Text 3 (BETA)

LuaComplete is an ST3 plugin that does auto-completing of Lua code. It uses the lua-complete engine for auto-completion and makes your Lua development a lot easier! Image of LuaComplete in Action


  1. Install lua-complete

  2. Install the plugin. Currently, you can only install it manually:

    cd /Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/
    git clone LuaComplete

    I'm working on a few more things before getting it in Package Control.

  3. That's about it! LuaComplete will start up the server and send code automatically via the client. There are a few settings that can be tweaked, as referenced below.


The default settings should work out of the box, but they can be modified via the Preferences menu or from the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P and type LuaComplete). Make any changes in the User settings. You will likely need to restart Sublime Text after changing settings. Here are the default settings:

    // Path to the directory containing lua-complete executables
    // if installed everywhere, just "lua-complete" should be fine
    "path": "lua-complete",

    // Port to use for the lua-complete client and server
    "port": 24548,

    // enable/disable toggle. it is enabled by default 
    // set it to false to turn off LuaComplete
    // and restart Sublime Text for it to take effect
    // "enabled": true,
    // NOTE: it can also be enabled/disabled via the command palette 
    // but will only stick until the next Sublime Text reboot

    // additional include location
    // by default lua-complete will search lua's regular 
    // installed module paths (packages.path)
    // The LuaComplete plugin will send the currently
    // open folder in the sublime text view for analysis
    // Additional include locations can be specified in a
    // semi-colon delimited list below (be sure to comment out the line below)
    // "additional_includes": "/my/random/file/path;/another/path"

Features and Shortcomings

  • It will only auto-complete things in tables - which includes most lua modules!
  • It can only determine function parameters for Lua functions (it currently doesn't know if a parameter is optional or not).
  • It should work with project-level files (by searching through the folder open in sublime text or folder the file resides in)
  • In the future, it should include function parameters for the built-in lua functions. However, it is not possible to determine function parameters for other C functions - without hard-coding them in.

Comparison between Lua and C functions

The LuaComplete plugin will show the difference between when it can fill in function parameters (for Lua functions) and when it can't (for C functions). Take a look at the example below:

Lua Function

The Lua function parameters get auto-completed and in the Sublime Text auto-complete hover - the function is described as function ():

Image of LuaComplete completing lua function parameters

C Function

The C functions parameters don't get auto-completed and the function is described as function: Image of LuaComplete completing lua function parameters


If you see the error message "The lua-complete client failed to return" in the bottom right, try running the "LuaComplete: Clear Auto-complete Cache (Restart Server)" from the command palette. This will restart the server, and hopefully the client will be able to reconnect.

Questions and Contributing

Feel free to open a Github issue with any questions/issues/features that you have! Also, check out if you want to help!


LuaComplete is released under the MIT License

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