How to mine 42

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Well, now that you have your wallet ready to go...what do you do now?

Do what any sensible person would do and mine dammit!

And here's a quick write up on how to CPU mine, in this tutorial we'll be referencing and using the official pool , but you can use whatever pool you want. You would make us happy though if you mined on the official one though :D

Anyway first, you need to download a miner! Head on over to the latest release of XMRig and download the one fit for your OS.

So, once you have downloaded your miner then yo-


Calm your tits man. Nearly every single antivirus (including windows defender) will flag XMRig (or any miner for that miner) as a virus because, antiviruses are sorta stupid. You see antiviruses just look for certain code they deem malicious, and mining botnets are becoming quite the trend. So naturally, to be on the safe side, most decent antiviruses flag every miner because it contains mining code. It can't tell the difference however, that this is a miner intentionally and not some hidden miner for some Russian dude. So, add an exception for XMRig and move on with your life.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get into the meat and potatoes of setting up your miner! The main file that dictates what the miner does and where it mines is in the config.json included in the XMRig binary you downloaded. Lets open it up, shall we?

At the time of writing this guide, this is what the most recent version of XMRigs config.json file should look like. Now yours may look a little different, and that's okay. We just need to change some variables.

First the algo variable, change that from cryptonight to cryptonight-lite because 42 uses cryptonight-lite rather than cryptonight. (And no, you can't use ASICs on 42. Get that shit outta here)

Next, the URL variable, basically its just the domain/ip of the pool and what port you want to mine on. In this guide since we are referencing, it would be best to put in the URL variable to mine on the official pool.

Next, the user variable. Just paste your wallet address there.

There are some other variables you can mess around with like max cpu usage etc, so if you want to mess with those you can.

Bam! Now you can mine, just load up XMRig and go at it! You'll know XMRig is mining properly when something like this shows up in the console:

You can check your mining stats at by going near the bottom and putting your address in the bar.

Have fun mining!

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