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Version: 0.8.4 (Alpha)
Author: SamBrishes, pytesNET <>

Martijn van der Kleijn, the main developer of the "Wolf CMS" fork, has discontinued the project for the time being. And to keep the mind of "Content Management Simplified" as well as the Frog CMS and the Wolf CMS (of course) alive, I decided to takeover the future development. In this sense the Fox CMS is the unofficial Sequel of the Wolf CMS and the era of simplified Content Management!

But beware: Version 0.8.4 (Alpha), which is currently still in development, is the first version of this fork, which just will come along with some Basic Enhancements, Security Fixes and Updates as well as some "forward-looking lines". I try to renew the complete CMS and adapt it to current standards, step-by-step.

Check out the develop branch or the respective changelog file to see the current status of the first Fox CMS Version 0.8.4 (Alpha)!

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The PHP 7.2.0 ported successor of the database-driven CMSimplified Systems WolfCMS and FrogCMS.


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