Common Plugin for the Fox plugins. Contains useful functions for other plugins as well.
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FoxCore Build Status

A Core Library for FoxGuard written for the SpongeAPI


This is a core library split off from FoxGuard. It contains the entire state buffer interface and will also contain the upcoming selections interface. Selections are a flexible and powerful way to describe an area and then execute a command on them. Plugins may want to use the selections in their own plugins. As a result I am putting it here to make it easier for that to happen, as this is a standalone plugin.


Jars can be found under Github releases. Use the shadowed -all.jar only if you are installing the client forge mod without SpongeForge installed on your client as well. Use the regular (no suffix) jar for everything else.

Building from source


If you have git installed:

git clone

If you don't have git:

Download the latest source as a zip from the GitHub page.


Open a command line inside the directory. Make sure that the directory has been uncompressed/unzipped if you downloaded it that way.

If you have gradle installed:

gradle build

If you don't have gradle installed:

gradlew build