@gravityfox gravityfox released this Jul 20, 2018

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For SpongeAPI 7

A shave and a haircut.

This update fixes console spam issues with explosions and a really
obscure consistency bug with damage protection.
Flags have also been optimized to be faster than before, because when i
originally wrote them i was really dumb.

Finally, because I optimized flags, there are now a whole bunch of new
entity flags, which allow much finer control over entity related events.

I'll have the documentation up at some point, but for now, feel free to

Thanks all for sticking with me for so long. I know it's been a long
bumpy ride, but I really still wanna see this project through.

@gravityfox gravityfox released this Jan 9, 2018 · 0 commits to api5.2 since this release

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No new features have been added in this release.

This is just a port, courtesy of Vectrix, for SpongeAPI 7.
Go thank him if you see him.

This has been tested on the Sponge Community Server, which was running
the latest version of SpongeVanilla.

@gravityfox gravityfox released this Jun 7, 2017 · 0 commits to api5.2 since this release

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Requires FoxCore v0.10.5-api6

Like a version that's actually confirmed to work!
This version is updated properly for changes in a few sponge events.
This means FoxGuard now properly handles multi-world bulk block events
caused by certain questionably written mods.

Have fun and remember to always back up your files before updating.
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This is A VERSION of FoxGuard that works for API 5.2, also known as the
stable, more recent versions of API 5.

I don't actually know what content is in this, but i know it should be
stable. Have fun!
Apr 3, 2017
This hotfix has only undergone minor testing... Back up before using.
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Depends on FoxCore v0.20.1-api5

Inscrutable kept bugging me about the old permission handler. So I sat down and rewrote the whole thing.
So you have a new handler now. I'm too tired to explain how it works, but i took the liberty of adding tab completion and click actions, as usual, so you might be able to figure it out.

There's also bug fixes, as usual. I normally wouldn't make a new release so fast, but I made a major fix on FoxCore to make the client actually usable, but i also changed some things, so I needed to make a new release here too.

So have a new release just only a tad bit better than the previous one.

Have fun!


@gravityfox gravityfox released this Nov 14, 2016 · 1 commit to api5 since this release

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Requires FoxCore v0.10.1-api5

Here it is. Finally an api5 release. It also works with api6 (bleeding builds of sponge). You're welcome.

There's been a LOT of improvements since the last api5 release, and even since 0.20.0-api4.

- Wands are finally fixed.
- Added static handlers.
- Reworked explosion stuff to actually work.
- Big performance optimizations.
- Lots of bugfixes and quality of life improvements.
- Added a flag for hanging entities (Item frames finally get protection now)
- Lots of improvements and additions I probably completely forgot about, but everything should work better-er now.

There's a lot more to come, but I figured i'd make a release for the sake of making everyone happy.

Hope you all enjoy the update!
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After a lot of thought, and with the official release of SpongeAPI 5.0.0, I have decided to drop feature support for API 4.

This release contains all the feature updates that I have made up to this point. From this point on, features will be developed for API 5.
Similar to how things were, API 5 will be the API by which I write featues, with a forward port to API 6 (also known as bleeding).

Features will NOT be backported to API 4, but I may still include bugfixes if the need arises.

Thank you all for understanding, Now onto changes:

- FoxGuard can finally figure out who caused an explosion. Yay!
- There are now group handlers. This means that FoxGuard can finally hook into permissions again. Also yay!
- Added the first controller: The logic controller.
- The debug handler is actually usable and useful now. It just needs some documentation.
- Lots and lots of bugfixes.
- Probably other features that I completely forgot about.

Most of the updates were backend updates for future features, so I apologize that they couldn't make it into this release.

Anyway thanks for sticking with me all this time, and I hope you guys can enjoy the future updates!