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Welcome to the FoxGuard wiki!

Here you will find documentation and how-tos for this plugin.

Sponge Forum Post


When you are downloading FoxGuard and FoxCore, it might be confusing which jar to grab. Here is a short guide:

If you are a player or server owner

  • Download the -server.jar for a Minecraft server
  • Download the -client.jar for a Minecraft client

If you are a plugin or mod developer wishing to use my plugin as a dependency

  • You really should be using Maven or Gradle to do dependency resolution. You can find the config on the forum post.
  • Download the unlabeled jar for the compiled binary without shadowed dependencies
  • Download the -sources.jar for the sources


Quick Navigation

  • EAQ - This is for questions that just get asked too often, so here are the answers.
  • Quickstart - Go here if you don't know what you're doing yet.
  • Commands - List of commands and how to use them.
  • Flags - Reference for flag identifiers.
  • Aliases - Reference of aliases that can be used to shorten commands.
  • FoxGuard Objects - List of the various objects in this Plugin
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