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Woof Alert™

Keep your home safe. Woof Alert™ is a special dog collar that sends you email alerts whenever your dog barks. By leveraging the power of the ESP32 and state of the art sound detection modules, Woof Alert™ puts you in control.

Are You Serious?

Nope! This is one of those "I wonder if..." projects to help me learn more about the ESP32. My dog probably wore the thing for less than 5 minutes and at no point did I intend to actually solve real problems.

Installation - Software

To get started, clone this repo:

git clone
cd woof-alert

Next, you will need to create a secrets.h file for storing your WiFi passwords:

cp secrets.example.h deleteme.h

Open secrets.h with a text editor and enter the appropriate values. Nothing will work if you skip this step.

Installation - Hardware

After flashing the firmware to the device, hook up a sound detection module to pin 14 of your ESP32.

Here's how I did it:

Deploying a Webhook Service

The collar sends an HTTP POST to the URL defined as WOOF_POST_URL within secrets.h.

I wrote this awful snippet in PHP to send myself an email:

  $message = "I SEE SOMETHING!";
  $message = wordwrap($message, 70, "\r\n");

  mail('', 'Woof!', $message);

Alternatively, you could use a slack webhook URL (probably).

Deploying the Hardware

Cut a tube and insert the ESP, microphone and a small USB power bank. Attach the tube to a standard collar, making sure that there are no exposed wires or uncomfortable pokey things that might annoy your doggo.

Half inch PVC pipe works great on large breed dogs, such as the Golden Retriever shown above.

EXTRA CREDIT: Add a toggle switch to the case to allow for easy disarmament when you are home.


A dog collar that converts barks to emails.







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