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This project has received the kiss of death. That is, I myself don't use it anymore. I have switched to using a text editor with markdown support, Git, and Syncthing for my journaling/note taking. If you want to export your notes, the cli can dump them to text files.

OpenNote is a progressive web application(PWA)/HTML5 offline app that was built to be a open source(MIT License), web based text editor/note taking software. It is designed to be self hosted and gives you ownership of your data

Please support this project by:

Thank you!

Download using Docker

or download manually from here.



  • BYOS(Bring Your Own Server)
  • Touch friendly and mouse friendly ui
  • Light weight
  • Multi user support
  • Search
  • Offline App
  • CouchDB Sync via PouchDB
  • Move Folders(Drag into another folder in the list view.)
  • Rename/Delete Folders(Click on folder title to get menu.)
  • Responsive
  • Tags
  • CLI Upcoming Features

  • Email to note
  • Mobile App



JQuery - Distributed under the MIT License
Angular - Distributed under the MIT License
Bootstrap - Distributed under the MIT License
Angular UI Tree - Distributed under the MIT License
Alertify.js - Distributed under the MIT License
PouchDB - Distributed under the Apache License
Dragula - Distributed under the MIT License
Into.js - Distributed with license from Afshin Mehrabani Copyright (C) 2012

OpenNote Code - Distributed under the MIT License

© Jacob Liscom 2018


J. Liscom - Creator

Kam Bnkamalesh - His TODO project heavily influenced my UI design