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How to help with developing

  1. (optional) create virtual machine (vmware/virtualbox) and install Debian 6.0 there. Another tested OS: Ubuntu 11.10. Any other is not tested yet and can cause some bugs during deployment.

  2. Install dependencies:

    apt-get install nginx apache2 erlang git postgresql php5 php5-pgsql php5-gd php-log make curl inotify-tools

    You don't have to modify system configs of apache and nginx to make it work. There are scripts that will start you own daemons on non-standard ports.

  3. Few more steps to prepare database. It will create superuser database role that matches your unix login. So you can use database without any problems.

    su -  (or sudo -i on Ubuntu)
    su - postgres
    createuser -s <your-login>

    On Debian 6.0 you also have to remove suhosin module:

    apt-get purge php5-suhosin
  4. Clone sources.

    git clone git:// mapcraft
    cd mapcraft

    Remember that you can allways register on github and fork this project, this way you can freely commit and publish your improvements.

  5. Now prepare environment and start all:

    ./scripts/env init
    ./scripts/env all-start

    The first command will create necessary config files and initialize database. You can do those steps separately: ./scripts/env gen-configs, ./scripts/env db-seed.

    The second command will start nginx apache and hub daemons with developers configs. You can control them separately: ./scripts/apache, ./scripts/nginx, ./scripts hub

  6. Test it: http://<IP-of-your-VM>:2000

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