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Full rebuild of Flax's tool for installing and updating Arma 3 server with built in features for managing Steam Workshop mods.
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Foxlider Update 1.3a
Added : 
 - New UI ! 
 - Some UI tweaks
 - Added confirmation dialogs when deleting a profile

Fixed : 
 - Headless clients errors
 - Bad symlinks 
 - Fixed  missing DLCs causing crashes
 - Fixed crash if FASTER closing too fast
 - Fixed crash if dragging window without click (WTF?)
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Fox's Arma Server Tool Extended Rewrite (FASTER)


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FASTER is an extensive rewrite of FAST2 and FAST. There was no update for a long time and it was written in VB. I transleted the whole project to C# using .NET Core 3.0. Thanks go out to all the guys who helped the developpment and those who will test it. Also, to BI for giving us an awesome game to play with and break.

  • Steam account with valid copy of Arma 3.
  • Basic understanding of Arma 3 dedicated servers.
  • General Features

    • Theming System and Material Design
    • Improved UI from FAST
    • Improved stability from FAST2
    • Easy to read and share config files
    • Automated Update process
  • SteamCMD Automation

    • Install and update Arma 3 Server (Stable and Dev)
    • Install, update and manage Arma 3 Workshop mods
    • Supports Steam Guard and Mobile Auth
    • Import mod presets from Arma 3 Launcher
    • Check for mod updates on app launch
  • Multiple Server Profiles

    • Save and load multiple server presets
    • Supports all server config options
    • Supports all server command line options
    • Custom mission params
    • Custom difficulty
    • Headless Client support and auto launch
    • Correctly displays mods in Server Browser
  • Local Mod Support

    • Reads local mods from server folder
    • Include additional folders to search
  • Automatic Server Crash Handling (Auto-restart, reporting, etc.)
  • Detection of existing Steam Workshop Mods
  • Ability to clone server profiles
  • Export server profiles to .bat files
  • Set CPU Affinity and Priority
  • Schedule Auto Restart of servers
  • Schedule Auto Update of mods and server

As always best place to report issues is on the GitHub Repo, as for general discussion I'll always keep an eye on the BI forum thread or come and join us in Discord.


No documentation (yet) but you can always check the original FAST2 documentation.


Twitter : @FoxliderAtom
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Fox's Arma Server Tool Extended Rewrite (FASTER)

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