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Automate sendmail configuration with AWS SES on AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployments
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Automated Sendmail Configuration for AWS SES on Elastic Beanstalk

An ebextensions solution for configuring an Elastic Beanstalk deployment to be able to use the integrated mail client, sendmail, with Amazon's email service, Amazon SES


The default linux image used by Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon Linux AMI, includes the email client, sendmail, that can be used to send emails.

This repository provides an ebextensions solution to configure sendmail to use Amazon SES.

This solution only provides a way to automate the configuration described in Amazon's official documentation.

Please check the Prerequisites and read the documentation thoroughly before using this.


Add Environmental Variables to EB

Add the following environmental variables to your EB environment:

Add ebextensions

Copy the .ebextensions folder to the top level of your application directory


Sendmail usage is normal but you must specify the sender address as a verified SES email address using the -f option like so:

sudo /usr/sbin/sendmail -f


Make a PR for some extra functionality and I will happily accept it :)


This repository is licensed under the MIT license.

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