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FoxyClient PHP Example

An example implementation of the FoxyClient for PHP

Please see the Foxy Hypermedia API documentation for more information.

This is an example usage of FoxyClient PHP.


Assume you're going to make the world a better place by improving software and fork the foxyclient-php-example repo.

Clone the forked repo on your computer:

cd <where you want the foxyclient-php-example folder to live>

git clone<yourgithub-user-name>/foxyclient-php-example.git

cd foxyclient-php-example

Install and run composer

php composer.phar install


Start up a local PHP web server:

php -S localhost:8000

Load it up in your browser and follow along in the code: http://localhost:8000

This example currently demonstrates how to:

  • Register your application by creating an OAuth client.
    • This creates an OAuth client record in our system which lets us know a bit about your integration. You'll get a client_id and client_secret which you need to save for future use, along with the access_token and refresh_token with the client_full_access scope so you can modify your OAuth client record later.
  • Check if a Foxy user exists.
  • Create a Foxy user.
  • Check if a Foxy store exists.
  • Create a Foxy store.

When authenticated to a store you can:

  • Create, modify, delete, and view Coupons and Coupon Codes
  • Create, modify, delete, and view Item Categories

It also simplifies OAuth Interactions:

  • Authenticate client
    • If you already have a client_id and client_secret you can authenticate this session using those credentials here. Also, ideally, if you have an OAuth refresh_token with the store_full_access scope, you can include that here as well to connect to your store.
  • Client Credentials grant
    • If you want to use the client_id and client_secret to get the client_full_access scoped refresh token for modifying your client (in case you forget your client_full_access refresh token).
  • Authorization Code grant
    • If you have a client_id and client_secret and you want to get access to your store or user.