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// Composer based autoloading (see:
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use GuzzleHttp\Client;
use GuzzleHttp\Subscriber\Cache\CacheSubscriber;
use Foxy\FoxyClient\FoxyClient;
/******* CONFIGURATION ********/
* If you want to toy around in the sandbox, change this to true.
$config = array(
'use_sandbox' => false
* If you have already registered an OAuth client, you can add the client_id and client_secret below and uncomment these lines.
* This will keep your client logged in all the time. Otherwise, you can select the "Authenticate Client" link and add
* your values there to authenticate your client for this session only.
//$config['client_id'] = '';
//$config['client_secret'] = '';
* If you already have an OAuth refresh token, add it below. Keep in mind, each token has a different scope such as
* client_full_accesss (allowing you to modify your OAuth client and create a user)
* user_full_accesss (allowing you to modify your user and create a store)
* store_full_access (allowing you to modify your store and create new stores)
* Ideally, for this client example, you want to paste in refresh token that has the store_full_access scope for a store.
//$config['refresh_token'] = '';
* If you happen to have the current access_token and time it has left before needing to be refreshed, you can pass that in also, otherwise a new token will automatically be obtained.
//$config['access_token'] = '';
//$config['access_token_expires'] = '';
$guzzle_config = array(
'defaults' => array(
'debug' => false,
'exceptions' => false
* Set up our Guzzle Client
$guzzle = new Client($guzzle_config);
* Get our FoxyClient
$fc = new FoxyClient($guzzle, $config);
* Get some Cross Site Request Forgery protection love goin' on.
$csrf = new \Riimu\Kit\CSRF\CSRFHandler(false);
try {
} catch (\Riimu\Kit\CSRF\InvalidCSRFTokenException $ex) {
header('HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request');
exit('Bad CSRF Token!');
$token = $csrf->getToken();