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Apple II version of the Cauzin Softstrip creation software that sends to Epson FX-80
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This contains a disassembly of the Apple II version of the Cauzin Softstrip "Stripper" program whic creates Softstrip barcodes. The program only works on DOS 3.3 and prints the codes directly on an Epson printer.

The program doesn't seem to actually work. It complains of read errors when it goes to load the file that is to be encoded. Even after patching around it, the program just goes into a loop and never sends any output to the printer other than a couple of initialization codes.

It definitely looks like the program was written in a high level language and then compiled. I'm not sure what language it was written in or what compiler was used. The program spends 99% of its time shuffling pointers to pointers in and out of the zero page. One of the things it likes to do most is push an address onto the stack, call a subroutine to allocate some space below HIMEM and copy it there, then copy the address to the zero page, then shuffle some more pointers around, and finally release the space below HIMEM.

The files are:

  • STRIPPER.E.bas - The BASIC portion of the entire program in plain ASCII
  • STRIPPER.E#fc0801 - The tokenized Applesoft BASIC with machine language program
  • Stripper-Epson.asm - The disassembled machine language program
  • Stripper-Epson.bin - The machine language program split from the BASIC program
  • Stripper-Epson.hex - a hex dump of Stripper-Epson.bin with addresses starting at 0x900

The disassembly is in Macroassembler AS cross assembler format and is verified to assemble and produce an exact copy of Stripper-Epson.bin.

The main purpose of disassembling the Cauzin program is to try to learn how Softstrips are encoded. There is partial documentation on the Softstrip format here and documentation on the reader hardware here.

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