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Program to create barcodes in the Cauzin Softstrip format
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Distripitor is a program that will generate barcodes in the Cauzin Softstrip format so that I can use them for BASIC challenges on RetroBattlestations.

Cauzin Softstrip barcodes appeared in magazines in the mid eighties as an alternative to having to type in the programs by hand. Because the Softstrip reader was a niche product that came at the end of the 8 bit era, it has been hard to find software to create barcodes for it. Most magazines that printed the codes dropped them within a few years because publishing type-in software was dying off as computers no longer included built-in languages and software development tools, and software for 16 bit platforms was too complex to publish as type-in software.

For more information on the barcode format, check out my blog post here:

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