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Meteo app

Make a litte weather app with Open Weather Map api.

Setup project

You need to add weathers api tokens in Constants files: in registerOpenweathermapToken(); token: "" and in registerUnsplashToken(); token: "".

If you want to connect the project with firebase account, add a GoogleService-Info.plist file in Meteo folder.


[x] Get the route with default data for one location
[x] Create model for this data
[x] Use my app to codable a json
[ ] Clean the classes
[x] Plug route about one location / details
[ ] Get a list of severals routes

[ ] See if it easy to create a cell with a scroll view or a collectionView in each cells // Need to see the data for that
[x] Use kingfisher to cache images
[x] Get the current location and ask the location data to display like the first line, your location weather
[ ] If I have the time made a screen with a UiAlert to ask if you want to share location informations

[ ] Add hero on project and manage a custom transition between this page and searchVC with just a blur on first page with a fade + little mouvement of title to transform the label in text field + a empty tableView for auto completion...
[ ] If I have some time, I made a scroll and reduce the title/search textfield like the brainstormer...
[x] Add a random background image in detail page.
[ ] Bonus If you have time replace asset of weather with video or something like that to display in background the current state (maybe blurred) and details in front ...

[ ] Add test for check if you have a specific behavior like when I click on add location, I have a default data mock or array and after I have the same kind of data + the new entry...
[ ] Made a UI test scenario at the end with just
[ ] Try jazzy ? I never implement on personal project ...
[ ] Add localized if I have the time
[ ] I need to save in local the list of location and maybe the last result for the current weather... and see if the date are now or not...
[x] Add a pull to refresh on differents tableView/collectionView
[ ] Improve UI

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