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A scrollable view controller, subclasses UITabBarController. An animated gif is better than a thousand words.


ScrollableViewController can be installed by copying the files inside the ScrollableViewController directory.

There is also a ScrollableViewController.podspec podspec file you can easily add OSSpritz to your project adding this line to your Podfile:

pod "ScrollableViewController", :podspec => ""

We will soon fully support Cocoapods to provide an even easier method to integrate it in your project.

Getting started

After integrating ScrollableViewController into your project, using it is as easy as turning a UITabBarController into a ScrollableViewController!

If you're using nib files / storyboards:

  • Make sure you have a UINavigationController with a UITabBarController as a rootviewcontroller.
  • In the third panel on the right (Identity Inspector) set the UITabBarController to custom class ScrollableViewController.
  • Profit!


If you want to do things the hardcore way (programmatically):

You instantiate a ScrollableViewController and its children viewcontrollers.

ScrollableViewController *tabBar = [[ScrollableViewController alloc] init];
tabBar.viewControllers = @[[ViewController new],[ViewController new],[ViewController new]];

You have to set the titles for the viewcontrollers yourself.

tabBar.titles = @[@"First",@"Second",@"Third"];

Embed the ScrollableViewController in a navigation controller.

UINavigationController *navCtrl = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:tabBar];

and don't forget #import <ScrollableViewController.h>

Technical details

The library has been written using ARC. It can still be used on non-ARC projects by enabling the -fobj-arc compiler flag on the .m files.

The library supports iOS 7 only but it should be straightforward to backport it to iOS5/6.


This is an open-source project built during my spare time, feel free to contribute to the project.

Considerations & Donations

This started as an hobby project, to try to implement from scratch something very similar to what Twitter did. My main goal is to learn how to lead an open-source public project, so it's more of a learning experience than anything else. I hope you appreciate the effort ;)

If you want to get some specific features implemented first or you need help to set it up in your own project, get in touch.

To speed-up development donations are very welcome.


An iOS scrollable ViewController based on UITabBarController.




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