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FrSky pre-tests firmware download
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ACCESS firmwares v2.1.0 Update module firmware to Version B . Mar 30, 2020
ACCST firmwares v2.1.0 Update G-RX6 & G-RX8 firmware.2.1.0C version. Apr 2, 2020 Update Mar 17, 2020

Firmware-Test - FrSky pre-tests firmware download

Thank you for helping FrSky Products to be better! FrSky will be posting pre-release test firmwares here for user testing and feedback . The goal of this program is to find issues/bugs that can be corrected in software updates.

Please keep the GitHub section focused on reporting issues/bugs. We will add a priority label on each item and we may not reply to every issue the first time, but you can be assured we are taking care of them. When the problem is resolved, we ask that you recheck/test the issue and then close the issue. Before posting a bug please check if the issue has already been posted on GitHub, in order to prevent double posting. It is very important to described bug in detail for us to try to reproduce it and correct the issue. Please check for and use the latest test firmwares. And as always use caution when you are testing the test versions that are not fully tested by the greater user community and unexpected events might occur. We very much appreciated your help.

If you have any other question beyond the issues posted here you can mail us .
Thanks a lot for your participation in advance.

Below are some notes to help you report issues/bugs or improvement suggestions.

Issue guides

  • Please make sure that you have upgraded to latest software version on the transmitter and receiver before you post an issue.
  • If you find a new bug, first please look at opened and closed issues to see if the issue is already listed.
  • If it does exist you can comment if you have more information.
  • If does not exist, then create a new issue.

New issue should contain:

  • transmitter being used and OpenTX version
  • Firmware version (including LBT or FCC) where issue was found, name the topic to describe the bug as the best as possible
  • Description of the issue
  • Description of the expected behavior
  • Description how to reproduce the bug
  • If possible a screenshot, it is worth 1000 words :)

Thanks again for your time to read all this and help on the systems. We hope this new process will improve your experience with FrSky products.

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