Standalone McEliece implemetation
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The goal of the project is to create a standalone implementation of the McEliece cryptosystem in C language.

Project is now only in development version.

Version 0.0.4:



  • go to cd lib folder
  • type make
    • it builds default application which is target test

Now you can build test aplication in realease or debug mode, you can specify whether you want to use precomputed H matrix (parity-check matrix - requires more memory) or not:

  • make help - it is make help
  • make print-info - info about where your aplication is
  • make test - with H matrix
  • make test-debug - with H matrix
  • make test-wo-h - without H matrix
  • make test-wo-debug - without H matrix
  • make static - to build static lib
  • make shared - to build shared lib

Built libraries are located in dist/ folder. For more preprocessor options see lib/src/bitpunch/config.h file. Default optimization is -O2. To set up more verbosity define -DERRORL, -DWARNING_L or DDEBUG_L - these are using functions like BPU_printError, BPU_printWarning, BPU_printDebug.


  • examples of keygen, encryption and decryption can be found in lib/src/main.c